DVS 2 wins with 5-3, secures second place in the competition

‘Help, I’m stepping into the twilight zone’

Golden Earring, 1982

This in a report on an event, seen through the eyes of a ghost. The lack of sleep in the first days turns a recent father into a semi-conscious being. Not spatially aware, numb and shy of daylight he merely ‘exists’ for the sake of others. So I guess I was present at the match held in our beloved Hoograven Sporthal on Saturday, though it’s difficult to say for sure?! 

A picture of Joost in the sports hall

According to the badminton Nederland app, the match did take place. Right, there is even my name in the doubles. Hmm… now let’s come up with something about the match that I must have been watching through a blurry haze. There were bananas, check. Shuttles as well. Nets hanging. It’s all coming back. Onno watching (the PRESSURE, so difficult to perform when ‘the Boss’ is watching). 

Indeed, bananas

Apparently, I was missing the diapers at home so much that I left after the doubles. Looking back, I think it was a good decision to leave quickly. There is an old Polish saying that runs “Gdzie kucharek sześć, tam nie ma to jeść”, which translates literally to: where there are six cooks, there won’t be food. Too many people involved ruins the result. By leaving, I readily helped my team out, reducing it to five so that a result became possible. By the way, a free beer for whoever pronounces this the most correct, Julia being excluded from the competition (sorry). You can show your skills on club night or leave me a voice-app.

The doubles went according to plan. In the men’s, the opponents made a lot of errors. Possibly they saw right through me and were so dazed & confused by a single against Pritam that they were looking to end their suffering in the shortest way possible. In which they succeeded splendidly. The women’s double was finished in two straight sets as well, described by our ladies as being ‘weird’. What is weird about them winning, I haven’t got a clue, but best not to argue them, especially not when they still have a racket in hand…

Our girls delivered in the singles. Imre “I’m really good, oh no, I’m not I have only a 99% score, or am I?!?” showed again how strong she really is and secured her fourth straight single win without dropping a game. She is not a ghost, more like the hammer of Thor striking lightning on whatever is on the other side of the net… Linda once again enjoyed her single so much that she decided to make it a 3-setter, more quality time. The result was never in doubt.

Linda looking forward to the singles (or deliberately sitting close to the emergency exit?)

The guys singles where less successful. Pritam described his single as ‘a pity’. Where other people smash rackets, kick in the glass window of a bus stop or terrorize innocent little animals, this is about the strongest outcry you can get from our well-balanced magician. Next time, Pritam, you’re doing well! Or magically flip the scoreboard with your eyes. Oswin mentioned, ‘too tired’ to typify his game. @Dion, if you are reading this, the special treatment please… The mixes were a mixed affair. Oswin and Linda showed their class by taking the first mix. Pritam and Els tried but couldn’t flip the game over completely after a wonderful comeback. 

Els happy not to promote?! Caught in the act…!

The paper from my typewriter is running out so I will leave it at that. 5-3, another win to cement our second place, but surely not enough to seriously chase the Thiela…