Aggressive smashs, delicate net drops and frantic retrievals against Amersfoort

Matchday 6. We were in good form and hoping to extend our positive run of results against Amersfoort. We even had great home support as Annemarie and Eveline had friends to cheer us on.

Het verslag is door een Engelstalige teamgenoot geschreven. Klik hier voor de Nederlandse vertaling.

Mark got delayed and came sauntering into the sports hall only a few minutes before the start of the match. But Mark is Mark… he doesn’t need any warming up and he still returns all shuttles and frustrates the opponent! The men’s doubles was close as Rahaman and Mark fought valiantly, but unfortunately they came up short as they lost the game after many exciting points. The women’s doubles, on the other hand, was a more straightforward affair as Imre and Eveline wrapped up their game quickly without much fuss. They wanted to show the guys the right way to win a game.


Coming back from an injury and too afraid to ruin his winning statistics, Pritam offered Rahaman (the ever willing gentleman) to play the first men’s singles against a strong opponent. This match had numerous long and exhausting rallies, stretching both players to the hilt both physically and mentally. After losing the first game, Rahaman gave all he had but could not salvage a win in the end as he agonizingly lost the second game 23-21. Imre, however, was in a hurry to leave and in no mood to play a long match. She made that very clear as her singles was a breeze, with a nonchalant and resounding 21-7, 21-4 victory. Annemarie and Pritam took inspiration from Imre and won both their singles, getting DVS back in the lead: 4-2. Annemarie had a 3-setter but she kept her nerve and moved her opponent to all 4 corners with some deft shots.

Mixed doubles

Teambuilding before the competition even started.

We were all motivated to extend our winning streak by winning at least one of the mixed doubles (Eveline/Pritam and Annemarie/Mark), but Amersfoort was fired up and desperately eager to prove a point. Both mixed doubles went all the way to three games, with aggressive smashes, delicate net drops and frantic retrievals making it very exciting and nerve-wracking to watch. Both teams were totally into the game as the non-playing members were whole-heartedly supporting their side. We won the cheering battle since being an international team, we were backing our players in English, Dutch, Hindi and Chinese. Unfortunately, the opponents prevailed on the badminton court and we fell just short in both matches, losing our final games 19-21 and 17-21.


We were all bitterly disappointed at the end, especially since our winning record came to an end. But 4-4 is not a bad score line and looking on the brighter side, we are still in second place – not too bad! We are all pumped up now to give our best for the rest of the season and greedily amass as many points as possible!

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