DVS 4 neemt 3 punten mee terug naar Utrecht

Iedere week schrijft één van onze competitieteams over hun plezier en prestaties op het badmintonveld. Dit keer de beurt aan DVS 4. Het team bestaande uit Pritam, Rahaman, Wilmar, Annemarie en Caroline komt uit in de tweede klasse. Een verslag in het Engels, vanwege de diverse samenstelling van het team.

“Our credo’s are simple and straightforward: make no mistakes, play over the net, down to the ground, inside the lines, play simple. But, unfortunately plastic is plastic. Once You’re used to feather shuttles, playing with plastic is pretty hard. And That’s an understatement. What normally works out fine, is with plastic an ordeal.

Anyway, we started Learning by doing; we lost both doubles pretty fast. The first singles from Pritam and Annemarie took each 3 sets, but we lost them both. Pritams opponent made a loud sort of roar when he realised he won. We thought he was angry, but no, this was his way of celebrating a victory. Caroline won her singles match but only raised her fist in celebrating the mastering of the plastic.

In the end we played 6 games in 3 sets. We won 2 of them and one game in 2 sets, resulting in a loss with 5-3. Which isn’t bad considering the plastic. Lets’s beat these guys at home!”

Pritam, Rahaman, Annemarie and Caroline